Time-Slice Effect

October 14th, 2010 10:08AM

Freezing time in a still frame or better explained, in a photograph, has been a common practice among professional and amateur photographers for over a century now. Nowadays, practically every single person carries a camera on their mobile phone, so, initially there is nothing new about “freezing time” anymore. Well, not until recently, more precisely since 1999 when Hollywood decided to take dozes of photographs at the same time with dozens of different cameras at slightly different sequential angles and splice them together in a clip sequence. In this case showing Keanu Reeves fight scenes on the first installment of The Matrix Trilogy. The result of this technique is simply mind boggling. Depending on how the cameras were set up the result can show a “single” still image in 180 degrees by sequencing the images captured at different angles in the same instant. Adding post-production tricks and mixing other media, such as film and audio you have a full salad bar of an experience. Bring this to the web, to your iPad or smart-phone and we are talking about a mix of interactive media. The possibilities are endless and every day grow more exciting. Of course to produce such content requires more than the camera that you have on your mobile phone. Nonetheless since 1999 more and more filmmakers are taking advantage of this Time-Slice effect and now we are starting to see it in TV commercials and interactive online ads. With the amount of media devices growing exponentially every month, I believe it’s likely that we’ll see more and more companies and artists exploring the venues of Time-Slice Effect. Check out below the making of, of Rip Curl’s Mirage Board Short ad using the Time-Slice Effect, produced by Time Slice Films.

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