Taking Stop Motion to a New Level

June 30th, 2010 07:11AM

Olympus takes Stop Motion to new heights, literally. In order to advertise the new Olympus PEN camera, Peter Goltenboth (Director) and Taijin Taktuchi (Stop Motion Director), together with a crew of 50 people, shot 3000 frames to compose the Stop Motion Ad. By using 355 billboards to build the main plot, plus 70 oversized posters for the final scene, they created a large scale timeless yet emotional story in the streets of Bucharest. The storytelling and oversized stop motion technique transcends the standard Ad creativity, taking the viewer into a “this is cool” mode, and linking all together by reveling that the entire Ad was shot with their very own Olympus PEN. Again, cleverness, creativity and content show how much can be achieved with a simple great idea.