NEW Portfolio Book

May 27th, 2010 06:43PM

I am thrilled to share my brand-new, freshly arrived, portfolio book. After weeks of image selection, portfolio reviews, editing, research for the right printer, the right book binding, and several proofs later it’s finally here. It feels like an odyssey, and indeed it was, but definitely worth it. Vision Art did an incredible job printing and binding the book. Their prints are truly fine art museum quality and the lay flat binding makes the spreads look like a large fine art print. Michael and Becky Turner from Vision Art were instrumental in getting all those details right. Below you can have a glimpse of what’s inside the book. Enjoy!

The Story BEYOND THE STILL – 4th Chapter Submission

May 3rd, 2010 11:34AM

The short film above, “Without Her“, is our submission to the 4th chapter of The Story BEYOND THE STILL film contest by Canon and Vimeo. I had the opportunity to participate as the Director of Photography and Film Editor. It was an incredible journey that lasted 5 weeks with countless hours of filming and editing. This film was a collaborative effort of Miami based still photographers. It was our first project involving filmmaking, the use of HDDSLR cameras and film editing software. The whole idea behind the project was for the group involved to learn this new technology as well as new ways of creating visuals. It’s hard to even begin to describe how steep the filmmaking learning curve is. Coming from the still photography world we have the lighting, composition and story telling concepts engraved in our brains, which of course help a lot, but when things start to move the challenge of creating good imagery and more important, a great story goes up exponentially. I became so involved in this project and worked so intensely researching techniques, learning new equipment, finessing film shots, trimming the film edit, and actually executing the project, that I feel like I have been involved in this for a full year. The most rewarding part comes now after the final product is done. I can’t wait to start shooting the next film. Thanks to the entire crew that worked on this project and specially to Beto Pacheco for putting this group together, and Splashlight Miami’s support.