Hawaii Book by Claudio Beier & Guido Beier (Son&Father)

April 1st, 2010 05:38AM

Hey, here’s a visit to a recent past. My father and I went to Hawaii for two weeks at the end of 2006. The result, besides great fun, incredible memories, awesome father and son bonding was a very large amount of photographs. We both like to photograph, but my father is extremely trigger happy. Those who know him are laughing now… He fires while walking, while riding his bike, while driving a scooter…the Dude is insane…Nothing wrong with that if you have enough room on your HDs, and lots of time to edit. Better safe than sorry. “Shoot away…” The editing took me a while, and the book ended up being my father’s Christmas present. At this point he might be in need of another copy. His is worn out of so much showing around. Here you go Dad, check out the online version before you get your new hard copy.

Uma Viagem a Gente Nunca Esquece – Hawaii 2006 por Claudio Beier e Guido Beier
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