Seen from a Different Perspective

February 1st, 2010 11:23AM

In the collage above I find myself not looking from a different perspective, but being seen from one. Unlike regular behind the scenes photographs that we photographers are used to collect, or even the “traditional” photographer’s self-portrait, where one aims a camera at a mirror (nothing against it, I’m guilty of it too), this image captures the exact view of the subject.

In this case, friend and Splashlight’s studio manager Beto Pacheco does a remarkable job of shooting me while being photographed and directed at the same time. It was simply for the fun of it during a studio demo in a private event. His camera was triggering the Profoto power packs through it’s own on-camera flash. In the end nobody got hurt, and we had some very good laughs while at it. On the right Subject/Photographer Beto Pacheco.

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